P & co Chartered Accountant – Design & implementation

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P & co Chartered Accountant – Design & implementation

The main aim of this project was to implement a client and sales record management system for a medium-sized accountancy firm named P & Co Chartered Accountant, based in England. This is achieved by developing a PC-based database using Microsoft Access 2000. Below is a list of revised minimum requirements for the project:
1. To replace the paper-based system in P & Co Chartered Accountant to a computerised system.
2. To gather user requirements from the administrator and accountant in P & Co; in short’ to obtain a clear view of the problem on the existing paper-based system.
3. To meet the user requirements and to recommend a new system by introducing database to store client and sales records.
4. To design and implement a database holding information about P & Co customers and their account details.
5. To evaluate the system.
My personal objectives for this project are:
• To review much of the work done during my studies at University.
• To gain experience of managing project, especially to apply a software development methodology to a ‘real-life’ development situation.
• To gain a practical understanding of how to design and implement a database and its interface.
This report will document the methodology used for this project as well as the design, implementation, testing and evaluation stages of the database. It will then be followed by a conclusion of how this project turned out, and possible recommendations for the future.