Project Management for Virtual Teams

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73 Pages | chapter 1-5 | PDF and Microsoft Format

Topic Description

i. To identify the activities are involved in project management
ii. To identify what activities are different when project management involves virtual teams and the related human issues
iii. To identify what web based project management tools there are
iv. To formulate an approach to evaluate effectiveness of project management tools
Minimum Requirements
To acquire a basic understanding of the activities for project management andthe associated human issues relating to team working
To have produced a set of evaluation criteria
To have evaluated some web based project management tools
This report consists of eight chapters. Chapter one discus ses what problem the report intends to solve and how it plans to tackle it. Chapter two discusses what project management is and what role the project manager plays. It identifies activities that are generic to most projects. Chapter three discusses the hu man issues in project management and what activities can be used to manage these issues in a project. Chapter four discusses what virtual teams area and what issues are specific to projects that involve virtual teams. Chapter five identifies what techniques can be used to complete a projects activities and identifies two project management tools. Chapter six discusses the approach that was undertaken in designing an evaluation criteria to be applied to project management tools and how the criteria was applied. Chapter seven discusses the results of evaluating the two project management tools. Chapter eight gives a summary and an evaluation of the project. The project identified the importance of the human issues in project management especially when virtual teams are involved and how project management tools are not supporting these issues.