‘Providing Information to Social Tenants’

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‘Providing Information to Social Tenants’

Interactive digital Television (iDTV) is a service that will be accessible in most UK homes by the year 2010. 20% of these homes are social homes, which are run by Registered Social Landlords, Housing Associations and Local Authorities.
This project provides an iDTV solution to overcome the current problems surrounding the use of expensive communication methods in social housing. Using the multi-method research methodology, the project takes information from a range of sources including books, journals, websites, interviews with stakeholders, questionnaires and case studies to provide a rich literature review to evaluate and solve the problem. Being a piece of academic work, this project also has its limitations. The majority of this
project uses qualitative methods, with only reference to a number of quantitative statistics as most companies that were contacted were unwilling to supply confidential details to be used in an academic project.