Small Embedded Systems – design and implementation

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Small Embedded Systems – design and implementation

The rapid advancement in digital technologies has led to a frequent use of embedded systems in a lot of legacy equipments. More and more computing experts are looking into embedded systems as solutions to all sorts of technical problems. This as been a direct result of the benefits offered by embedded systems and rapid advancements in the technology itself. Engineers are now capable of building very small-embedded systems, which provide sufficient functionality for use in the most unthinkable places, for example a mini-robot designed in the Sandia National Laboratory has an 8k processor, a temperature sensor and weighs less than an ounce. Researchers believe the mini-robot could be used in detecting chemical and biological weapons in the future.
The main aim of this project is to research into embedded systems in general, embedded systems available on the market, and to deploy TINI embedded system. The TINI embedded system called TINI fridge, a simulation, will be used in a refrigerator for storing relevant information available for remote access and control by a user.