Specification Management for Morrisons Supermarket (68 pages: chapter 1-8)

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Topic Description

The aim of this project is to provide Morrisons with a computerised specification management system. There have been significant problems with the current paper-based system with the main issue because it has not been feasible to conduct searches on the increasing backlog of paper specification forms. Morrisons would like a new system to store and modify their specifications in a manner where it is possible to conduct searches and retrieve the information they require. The motivation in undertaking this project is to help Morrisons achieve the possibility of performing searches on stored data and obtain the information that they need with greater convenience.
This project has helped Morrisons achieve the possibility of being able to search through specification forms for the information they require. The implemented database can be used to store, view and search Specification Forms and therefore all the minimum requirements have been met and exceeded.
Additional functionality provided by the system gives the user on-line access to a user guide and be able to create ad-hoc reports on the information stored in the database.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
1.1 Introduction to Morrisons
Morrisons is the UK’s fastest growing supermarket chain, being the fifth largest supermarket chain in the country with an annual turnover of £3.5 billion. To date they have 114 supermarkets around the country with 44,000 employees working for the company. The company sells more than 20,000 different products including well-known brands and their own Morrisons branded range of products.
The Morrisons brand is quite extensive considering it accounts for 55% of the volume of products sold by the company.
1.2 Statement of the Problem
Currently Morrisons has around 5,000 to 6,000 of its own branded products sold throughout the supermarket. The decision to sell a new branded product is made by a team of buyers within Morrison’s head office who fill in a set of paper specification forms related to the new product. With food laws becoming more restrictive, Morrisons decided that they need a system to store specification data so that they can conduct searches on the information and retrieve ad-hoc reports if needed. Presently with the paper-based process in place, it is not feasible to carry out a search on a range of job specifications. They approached the university to help them to automate the current manual process into a system that allows them to get information out of it. The focus of this project will therefore be to automate the specification process into a system that can be implemented and used
hence meeting the user expectations.






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