Stock Control System For Jewellery Wholesales – design and development

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Stock Control System For Jewellery Wholesales – design and development

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the Problem
The overall objective of this project is to design and develop a database system for stock control management in a small to medium sized jewellery wholesaler. Nowadays, computing technologies are ever emerging; information systems have become part of everyday’s life. The introduction of computer systems increase the level of efficiency of a business, automates business operations and reduces the need of manual work. In this case, a stock control system is being designed and developed in order to ensure the smooth running of managing stock activities.
1.2 Reasons to carry out this project
Six years ago, the author of this report was working at a small-medium sized jewellery wholesaler as a personal assistant. At the beginning, data flow activities of the business, such as recording customer details or retrieving product records etc were being handled manually, where computers were not being used at all. Soon after, the company employed a software firm to design and create.
A system that was used to computerise the information. However, a number of problems began to arise, the main problems were:
• the field size of data input was too small.
• calculation requirements were not being done probably, poor data displayed interface.
• Several functions of the system were not working perfectly etc.
The problems were being ignored by the person who was responsible for the developing the
system, perhaps because the system had already been paid. The author felt that this should not
have had happened and had always like to design and develop a stock control system for the
jewellery wholesaler by herself. This project offered such an opportunity.
1.3 Background of Jewellery Wholesaler
In Hong Kong, most of jewellery wholesalers design and manufacture jewelleries according to
specifications given by various jewellery retail stores. The designs of the jewelleries are usually—