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The following document is a final year project within the School of Computer Studies at the University…..
The project is match analysis development project based upon the ideas of Dr. R Kwan, Amanda Twigg and myself. The aim of the project is to develop a reliable, easy to use software tool for the purposes of tennis match analysis. It should allow user input to give details of player names and venues. It should also allow the recording of shot sequences and points being won or lost which shall be represented on an analysis graph. Statistics should also be calculated from the information entered. The application is to run on Microsoft Windows and is targeted at tennis coaches.

The objectives of the project are to provide tennis coaches with a tennis match analysis tool matching the aims mentioned above. The aspect of design is concentrated on in this analysis tool and a simulation of the application has been produced.

The project was not as successful as it could have been, but a strong basis has been achieved for the implementation of the design of this application. I believe with the correct implementation the design of this software will make it an impressive multi-functional application.

Chapter 1 : Introduction
This chapter of the project describes the project aims, objectives, deliverables. The minimum requirements that need to be met in order to satisfy the aim shall also be discussed. Also included in this chapter is the structure for the rest of the report.
1.1 Aim
The aim of this project is to develop a reliable, easy to use software tool for the purposes of tennis match analysis. The tool will enable the user to record details about players strokes, what order they were played in and the score of the tennis match. The target audience for this software would be tennis coaches and club officials who wish to keep a record of scores, shot sequences and winning or losing trends that take place during a tennis match. Equipped with this information, and using this analysis tool the tennis pupils can expect to receive better advice an hence improve their games.

1.2 Objectives
1.2.1.The first objective is to meet with and interview a tennis coach in order to gain the user requirements and design specification.
1.2.2.The second objective is to do background research on other similar products available to tennis coaches in this country. Included in the research will be the price of the similar software tools and the availability of these tools to tennis coaches in this country.
1.2.3.The third objective is to develop a very basic protocol of the program allowing the tennis coach to record whether their player has won or lost a point.
1.2.4.The next objective will be to, as well as record whether the pupil has won or lost point, to record the sequence and type of shot played during the point that is in question.
1.2.5.At the end of the match it will be possible to bring up a table of statistics of which shots the player has played and possible to recall a graph from games throughout the match.
1.2.6.Add specific features to the analysis tool. These features will include




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