The Design and Development of Software for disadvantaged Children at a Study Support Centre.

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The Design and Development of Software for disadvantaged Children at a Study Support Centre.

The primary objective of this project was to design an interactive computer based system, called Ronny’s Den, which would aid the learning and teaching of educationally disadvantaged children at the Leeds Rhinos Rugby Club Study Support Centre. Research was carried out to find what was currently available to disadvantaged children in the form of computer based study support and the benefits this offered. Focus groups and semi-structured interviews with sample users from the rugby club, combined with reviews of current teaching methods were used to identify user needs and requirements. Ronny’s Den was then designed to meet these requirements and a prototype offering basic functionality was developed. The prototype was evaluated against user satisfaction and usability criteria.
The following was achieved in this project:
• Research of existing ICT solutions for disadvantaged children.
• Review of appropriate methodologies and choosing of an appropriate methodology for this project.
• Identifying user needs and system requirements based on empirical study, including focus groups, semi structured interviews and document reviews.
• Design of Ronny’s Den based on identified requirements through iterative design and user focus groups.
• Implementation of a prototype for Ronny’s Den using MySQL and PHP to demonstrate basic functionality: user login, weekly session planning, multiple choice and short answer questions for a selection of worksheets, a math test and student progress reporting.
• User and heuristic evaluation of the prototype.
The project was effectively managed throughout all milestones and deliverables have been completed.