The impact of oil revenue on the economic growth in nigeria (58 pages)CHAPTER 1-5

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The impact of oil revenue on the economic growth in nigeria (58 pages)CHAPTER 1-5


This research work was conducted to investigate the impact of the oil industry on the economic growth performance of Nigeria. In the process of the research, the ordinary least square (OLS) regression technique was employed.

 Considering the impact of time on changes in economic variables, the analysis was carried out using the simple regression method in which Gross Domestic Project (GDP), proxy for economic growth was used as the dependent variable, while the oil Revenue (OREV) and time appeared as repressor’s. A two-tailed test of 5% significant levels were conducted indicating that the two explanatory variables did not have any significant impact on growth performance of the Nigerian economy within the same period.
 The researcher therefore recommends that government should formulate appropriate policy mix that would motivate the firm in the oil sector to enhance improved performance and contribution of the sector.………….ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .
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