The influence of strike action on employees performance and productivity (103 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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The influence of strike action on employees performance and productivity (103 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

The influence of strike action on employee‟s performance and productivity. Strike generally could be defined as the refusal to work by employees of an establishment to protest from certain inadequacies in their conditions of service. Strike is a work stoppage caused by mass refusal of employee to work. To solve this research problem, the workers should be given their pride of place and be put in the “hall of fames” because the workers are the light house of the world who should be given their salaries promptly, given them incentives, make sure they are satisfied job-wise so as to be more dedicated thereby producing good giants who will uplift the tone of the nation within and outside the nation. The society itself could solve this contemporary problem of strikes, the financial gain is not coming in thousand; frustration is being meted to the workers from the citizenry. The design of the study used for this study was survey design. The population put together is 12,000 and the sample size is 746.
The instrument used for data collection is the questionnaire and interview. The instrument for data analysis is Chi-square method of testing of hypothesis and simple percentages of analyzing the tables.