Theory X or Theory Y

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Theory X or Theory Y


Douglas McGregor proposed two models of trust that formed the basis of two different managerial approaches, one based on a positive view of subordinates and one based on a negative view. The negative view he called Theory X and the Positive view he called Theory Y.

These theories are applied almost subconsciously by lecturers when structuring learning environments, the School of Computing is no exception. This project is based around the principles of McGregor, more specifically the affects the two different approaches have on a learning environment. It aims to identify the issues affecting an individual’s ability to learn, based on the two models of trust (Theory X and Theory Y), and to identify the factors determining the choice of a teaching approach. Which approach works best and why? How do the different approaches interlink and what are the underlying issues influencing the School of Computing’s approach to structuring modules? Are they in the best interests of the learner?
The projec t has successfully addressed all of these points, in a reasoned and methodological manner. It goes on to suggest possible approaches that may be beneficial to the School of Computing in considering future strategies.