Why not study Computing through ERASMUS

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Topic Description

The School of Computing at the University of Leeds has difficulty getting people to join its
study abroad programme (run under the control of the European Union’s ERASMUS study
scheme), whereby students spend a year (normally the penultimate year of the course)
studying Computing options at a European University. This creates problems for students
wanting to come to Leeds from Europe, since Leeds can only take as many Computing
students from Europe as the number of Leeds Computing students who are going abroad in
that particular year. Demand for places on study abroad schemes from other European
countries is generally higher than the demand in Leeds (and the UK in general), so there are
many European students who want to come to the UK who cannot.
In order that Leeds can attract more European Computing exchange students it is therefore
necessary to look at why there is a lack of interest in the School of Computing ERASMUS
scheme and to suggest, where possible, any changes which could make it more attractive. In
addition, it would be reasonable to look at making information about the scheme more
accessible to students.

Introduction 1
1. The Current Situation 2
1.1 The ERASMUS Scheme 2
1.11 The General Situation 2
1.1.2 The School of Computing ERASMUS Scheme 2
1.1.3 ERASMUS in Other Departments at Leeds 3 German Department 3 Physics & Astronomy Department 3 School of Mathematics 4
1.1.4 ERASMUS from a French Perspective 4
1.2 The Year in Industry 6
2. Producing a Solution 7
2.1 Technical Slant 7
2.11 Information gathering 7
2.12 Web Crawlers 7
2.13 Data Mining 8 WEKA 10 C4.5 10
2.2 Potential New Alternatives 11
2.2.1 Eliminate Need for Language Training 11
2.2.2 Year Abroad To Count for Degree 12
3. Implementing a Solution 14
3.1 Assessing Information Gathered 14
3.2 Using WEKA 15
3.3 Determining a Solution 17
3.4 Project Management 18
4. Evaluation 19
4.1 Evaluation Against Objectives 19
4.2 Conclusion 20
References 21
Appendix A 22
Appendix B