Recruitment and selected problems in the public sector a case study of power holding company of Nigeria 53 pages

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Recruitment and selected problems in the public sector a case study of power holding company of Nigeria 53 pages


This study empirically examined problems of recruitment and extent of the utilization of  job description and job specification in the recruitment process in Public civil service. To achieve the objectives of the study, questionnaires were administered to civil servants in  PHCN. Stratified random sampling method was used to draw a sample of 95 grouped into the four major categories of grade levels. Descriptive survey design was employed and descriptive statistics used for the analysis. The survey identified factors such increasing pressures for employment, utilization of informal sources of recruitment, long military era, federal character principle, lack of independence of the service commission and delegation of recruitment functions as the prevalent problems affecting recruitment in PHCN.

As a result of these problems, job description and standard personnel requirements were not adequately used in the recruitment process, especially at the lowest category of grade level. Based on the findings and conclusions, it was recommended that the federal government should promulgate laws that will protect employees in the private sector in order to reduce consistent pressures for employment in the public sector. Subjective and informal sources of recruitment should be de-emphasized and instead sources from educational institutions and professional organizations should be encouraged. It was also recommended that the remuneration of the civil servants should be increased. Civil service should utilize job description when embarking on actual recruitment exercise and personnel requirements should be developed to match position classification in the service. The study finally, recommends the re-examination of the reliability and validity of employee selection instruments in the civil service.…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .