role of frcn in propagating culture In Nigeria( 76 pages)

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role of frcn in propagating culture In Nigeria( 76 pages)


This research work focused on role of FRCN in propagating culture in Nigeria (A study of Abatete Idemili South L.G.A in Anambra State). It aims at finding out whether FRCN as a channel of mass media recognize it’s obligation to the society, especially in Abatete. survey method was adopted and the instrument used for data collection was the questionnaire and personal interview.

The population of the study is 20,000 out of which 200 were sampled purposively. Data collected was analyzed in tables and simple percentages. The researcher used chi-square (x2) for the statistics measure of the study.

The researcher recommends that FRCN should be up and doing in the area of cultural propagation because, it helps to give Nigeria a wider coverage, especially in the rural areas. Therefore, government should establish media outfits, such as magazines, newspapers, more radio stations in other rural areas of Nigeria. The result of this study showed that FRCN through it’s various propagating had really impacted positively in propagating culture among the people of Abatete.…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .