role of nigerian television authority nta in promoting gender equality (61 pages)

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role of nigerian television authority nta in promoting gender equality



This study centers on finding out the Role of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in promoting gender equality. Using Akpugo community in Nkanu West Local Government Area Enugu State as a study area. The researcher used survey research method as the method of data collection. This is so because it is very appropriate in studying population like Akpugo community that is too large to be studied. Directly the population of the study area is estimated as 72,264 people from which the sample size 278 was selected. Random sampling techniques were used to select individuals whose opinions and views were used to draw interference to the entire population.

Data gathered from the study were analyzed, tested and interpreted using simple percentage, frequency tables and chi-square goodness of the fit test which is used to test the hypothesis. Findings from the study show that there is still disparity on the issue of gender balancing. The theory that led support to this work is agenda setting theory. Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation were made on the study for further studies. One of the recommendation is that more attention should be paid to…………ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .