Selecting Electives – The Right Way

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Selecting Electives – The Right Way

Objectives of the Project
The School of Computing currently provides several sources of information to its students to aid them in the selection of their options and electives. The main objective of this project is to understand the
problems associated with the selection of options and electives and how the School of Computing can help the students in their selection. Once these problems have been understood and the scope of the problem identified, it is the aim of this project to suggest several solutions to this problem.
What the Project has Achieved The project has achieved its objectives. Background Research has identified the problems associated with the selection of options and electives within the School of Computing and whether this is common with other departments. The results of the questionnaires have outlined the scope of the problem and student opinion. From the results, several solutions have been identified. These solutions have been evaluated and discussed in focus groups. The outcome has been a set of recommendations to the School of Computing addressing the issues.