the impact of monetary policy on Nigeria economy (61 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

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the impact of monetary policy on Nigeria economy (61 pages) CHAPTER 1-5

The earnest expectation of every economy over the year has been to attain the highest possible level of economic growth and development. This research work is on the ‘’Impact of Monetary Policy on Economic growth in Nigeria’’ between the period of thirty years (30) covered from 1980-2010.

The Impact of monetary policy in an economy has been a continuous discussion in every economy especially developing economics which will give rise to economic growth and development of a nation. In carrying out this research, Secondary data was used on PC Give 8.00 version package to regress the model with GDP as the dependent variable, and money supply, inflation rate, liquidity ratio and interest rate as independent variables.
The model explained that the impact of monetary policy on economic growth is statistically significant, through the signs obtained from its prior expectation is positively related to GDP but does not hold strong enough. Money Supply has a positive relationship and also significant impact on the economy. Inflation has a negative relationship, while the interest rate and liquidity ratio is positively significance on impact of economic growth. R-Squared show 73% increase on the GDP. It is therefore recommended that some effective policies are to be made in constraints to the in effectiveness of past monetary policies which should be eliminated.………….ORDER FOR COMPLETE PROJECT MATERIAL NOW!! .