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WWW – Site For Language Education Researchers

The Language Education Research Network within the University of Leeds has, for some time, required a method of allowing the members of the research group to collaborate between each other. It is therefore the aim of this project to set up a research resource website to foster crossuniversity collaboration in language education research, and to produce any additional tools and documentation to allow a language education researcher to maintain the site. The personal objectives for completing this project include learning a valuable insight into how a system could be designed to a set of criteria, whilst gaining experience with talking to the end users of the proposed system, in an aid to make the system more “user-friendly”, and more tailored to the end users needs. The project has achieved its stated objectives, both formal and personal. The practical side of the project will eventually be used as the main collaboration tool for the Language Education Research Network, implying that the project has fulfilled its original aim. Furthermore, a language education researcher has been introduced to the system, and is now competent with updating the system. There are many personal achievements that this project has given, including increased confidence with system design, Perl scripting, and a sound experience regarding dealing with, and discussing end user requirements, with end users. In most cases, although studied in theory, these are areas that have not really been encountered in a practical manner. Overall, this project has been very successful, inducing further study into many of the areas
studied in the project, whilst giving satisfaction that the final design will actually be used in the way
that it was designed.